Syncoro’s Campus to Commerce Program acts as a bridge, transforming the raw potential of student-developed innovations into commercially viable products and thriving businesses. It goes beyond simply recognizing great ideas; it empowers students to navigate the complexities of bringing those ideas to market.

Key Features:

  1. Research Commercialisation: Guide researchers and students in understanding market needs and adapting their innovations to meet real-world demands.
  2. Mentorship: Provide access to expert mentors to guide students through the commercialization process.
  3. Funding and Resources: Offer access to funding opportunities to bring their ideas to life.
  4. Networking and Partnerships: Connect student ventures with potential partners – leading corporates, manufacturers, or distributors.
  5. Strengthens Startup Incubation: Complements Startup Incubation Cell of the university to effectively manage student startups by providing the necessary guidance to turn innovative ventures from fledgling ideas into market-ready realities.

Why Partner with Syncoro?

Universities can benefit from this program in several ways:

  • Boosts Innovation Ecosystem: By supporting student commercialization efforts, universities can foster a more entrepreneurial environment and encourage further innovation.
  • Technology Transfer & Revenue Generation: Successful commercialization can generate licensing fees or royalties for the university, creating a new revenue stream.
  • Student Career Development: Prepares students for the business world by equipping them with the skills and experience to launch their own ventures.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Showcases the university’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, potentially attracting top talent and research funding.

By partnering with Syncoro, universities can provide a valuable platform for students to turn their bright ideas into successful businesses. For more details, write to us at