The contemporary business landscape is characterized by unparalleled dynamism. Technological advancements, evolving customer expectations, and ever-shifting competitor strategies necessitate a proactive approach to innovation. Companies must possess the agility to identify and capitalize on emerging trends before they become disruptive forces. Recognizing this imperative, Syncoro’s Corporate Innovation Program fosters a collaborative environment where established companies and nimble startups can converge. This program provides a platform for harnessing the power of the startup ecosystem, ultimately leading to the adoption of groundbreaking products or services that propel sustainable growth.

What we offer:

  1. Identify Innovation Needs: We work with companies to pinpoint areas where fresh ideas and disruptive technologies can propel growth.
  2. Curate Promising Startups: We reach out to innovative startups by leveraging our presence in the startup ecosystem and our relationship with incubators, accelerators & universities to curate high-potential startups aligned with companies’ specific innovation goals.
  3. Craft Strategic Partnerships: We guide companies in developing win-win collaborations with startups, fostering knowledge exchange and accelerating innovation cycles.
  4. Navigate the Startup Landscape: We help companies gain insights into startup culture, funding mechanisms, and deal structuring to ensure smooth and successful engagement.
  5. Manage Corporate Accelerator Program: We develop and seamlessly manage Corporate Accelerator Program, allowing companies to focus on core business activities while we navigate the complexities of fostering a thriving innovation ecosystem.
  6. Facilitate Strategic Investment in Startups: We guide in establishing a Corporate Innovation Fund or a family office, tailored to company’s specific needs to invest in promising startups.

Benefits of Syncoro’s Corporate Innovation Program:

  • Faster Innovation Cycles: Access cutting-edge solutions and shorten your time to market.
  • Improved Efficiency: Leverage external expertise and resources to optimize processes.
  • Drive growth & profitability: Expand market reach and ultimately boost profitability
  • Maintain a Competitive Edge: Differentiate by developing unique solutions and features to stay ahead of the curve by by integrating disruptive technologies.
  • Engage and Motivate Employees: Tap into the creativity and problem-solving skills of employees to strengthen culture of innovation.

Unlock the immense potential of the startup ecosystem for your corporate innovation journey! For more details, write to us at