Syncoro is an integrated startup accelerator and a venture development company that provides growth support to new-age entrepreneurs to scale up their ventures, through our flagship program “Syncoro Scalerator“. Syncoro also actively identifies & evaluates scalable business opportunities, brings on board a founding team, provides them with resources and helps them grow into successful ventures through ‘Syncoro Idea Lab“.

Syncoro’s Startup Ecosystem includes a portfolio of group companies: Unisync Angels (Global Network of Angel Investors), Techiesync (Technology Development Partner for Startups), Ideabeez (Digital Marketing Partner for Startups), Uniserve Startup Advisory (A platform to provide consulting services to startups) and Provyz Co-working (Collaborative Workspaces). With focus on Tier II cities across India, we bring together key stakeholders of startup ecosystem – entrepreneurs, mentors, corporate, academia & investors – to create synergy that paces up innovation. We build a strong community of entrepreneurs to connect & collaborate and also offer profitable investment opportunities to investors for better ROI.


1) Unisync Angels Private Limited: Unisync is a global angel investment platform, empowering startups by providing growth capital and connect. We are: Pro-founder | Investor-friendly | Stage-agnostic | Sector-agnostic | Tech-enabled with Global Footprints. Unisync identifies and curates potential startups and provides fundraising support. Besides growth capital, we also provides quality mentoring and access to corporate & vast network of its members to select startups. (

2) Uniserve Startup Advisory Private Limited: Uniserve is a startup advisory platform, providing a bouquet of services to startups through its network of service providers. From company incorporation to compliances, from business planning to financial modeling and from pitch presentation to fundraising, Uniserve works with startups in their growth journey. (

3) Techiesync Solutions Private Limited: Techiesync is a technology solution provider, acting as a Tech Co-founder for the startups curated by Syncoro or Unisync. The experienced team of Techiesync plays a role of a Virtual CTO, driving technology development for startups. (

4) Ideabeez Digital: Ideabeez is a digital marketing & branding agency, exclusively working with Syncoro’s startup portfolio companies, providing a range of services including Creative Strategy, Content Creation, Social Media Management, Media Planning, Film Production & more. (

5) K-CELL Consulting Private Limited: K-CELL Consulting is a strategic management & brand consulting company, providing advisory services related to Brand & Marketing Strategy, New Business Planning & Value-unlcoking. Be it new business planning or business diversification, brand launch or re-launch, marketing campaign planning or brand positioning, M&A or fundraising, we work with clients for value creation as well as value unlocking. We have an experienced team of senior consultants and a global network of collaborative partners. Through our varied industry experience and multi-disciplinary domain expertise, we add value to client interactions by partnering with them to solve their unique challenges. (


SYNCORO signed an MoU with AIC SURATi iLAB (Surat Ideas & Innovation Lab – a government organisation and a subsidiary of Surat Smart City Development Ltd / Surat Municipal Corporation) to help promote startups & entrepreneurial activities in Surat & South Gujarat Region.

SYNCORO, along with its partner organisations – AIC SURATi iLAB and AURO UNIVERSITY signed an MoU with NAVSARI AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY to support innovative ideas in Agriculture, Food Processing & related sectors through AgriTech-FoodTech focused Startup Incubator – Accelerator programs.

The Founder

Kashyap Pandya, Founder & Director – Syncoro Ventures Private Limited

A strategic planner by profession, a writer at heart and an entrepreneur in spirit, Kashyap Pandya is the Founder & Director of Syncoro Ventures Private Limited and Co-founder of Unisync Angels – a global network of angel investors.

An electronics engineer with master’s in management (majoring in marketing), Kashyap has over two decades of experience advising leading corporate clients in India. After briefly working with an internet company,, in the year 2000-2001 in Mumbai, Kashyap started his entrepreneurial journey with his first venture – Synapse which is one of the leading healthcare communications company in India.

Kashayp is the author of best-selling book – “From Idea to Action – The Art of Writing a Business Plan” – that simplifies the journey of writing a business plan and provides a roadmap about how to put your idea into action. Kashyap has developed proprietary business management tools like “K-CELL Business Planning Framework”, “Syncoro Idea Quotient (IQ) Test”, “Syncoro Startup Playbook”, “K-CELL Brand Positioning Grid” and “Ideabeez 5C Digital Marketing Model”.

Kashyap is the Founding Charter Member and the current President of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) – Surat Chapter (July 2021-December 2023).

When Kashyap is not busy working with his startup portfolio companies or advising corporate clients, he spends time penning his thoughts about startups and branding & marketing. A voracious reader, an eloquent orator and a seasoned film enthusiast with a quirky sense of humour, Kashyap is on a mission to build a vibrant startup ecosystem in non-metro cities across India.