Syncoro Launch Pad is an action-oriented startup program to kick-start your new venture in just 12 weeks! We help startups evolve from idea stage to financially viable business venture with strong foundation for growth. At Syncoro Launch Pad, we ensure that you act on your idea and hit the market in just 3 months!!!

Syncoro Launch Pad is an ideal for Early Stage Startups & Startup Enthusiasts.

Syncoro Launch Pad’s program is divided into the following 3 Phases:
Phase 1: Ideation & Validation
Phase 2: Business Planning & Revenue Modelling
Phase 3: Build to scale

We provide a range of advisory services to startups – from finding product market fit to defining a target market to getting first validation from the customers to connecting startups with corporate & industry leaders to helping startup prepare for fundraising.

As part of the program, we offer intense mentorship from our experts and will organize various events and seminars to connect with various stakeholders of startup ecosystem.  We not only help you develop your idea into a feasible, scalable & viable business concept, but also help you prepare a comprehensive, actionable business plan. At the end 12-week program, selected teams will have an opportunity to present their ideas to potential investors on the Demo Day.

So, join like-minded startup founders and start your entrepreneurial journey with Syncoro Launch Pad Program to realise your dreams! LIMITED SEATS ONLY.


  • We will have a series of 12 Exclusive Workshops / Seminars (one per week) during the program.
  • Each startup will get TOTAL 6-hours of personalised mentoring sessions during the program.
  • At the end of the program, startups will get an opportunity to pitch their venture to investors on Syncoro Demo Day, supported by Syncoro Angel Network.
  • For more details, you may write to us at