Provyz Co-working
Provyz Co-working is a value-added collaborative workspace with focus on Tier-II Cities in India. With the first centre in Surat, Provyz is making its foray into cities like Ahmedabad, Indore, Jaipur, etc.

Inovace Nutrition
Inovace is a cutting-edge company dedicated to providing high-quality, science-backed nutritional supplements to support overall health and wellness.


BrahmVeda Ventures
BrahmVeda is an AI-focused Venture Studio that combines the agility of an incubator with the strategic foresight of a venture capital powerhouse, curating an ecosystem that propels nascent AI ventures from conception to market domination.

Unisync Angels
Unisync Angels is a global network of angel investors, providing capital & connect to curated startups to accelerate their growth journey.

Uniserve Startup Advisors
Uniserve Startups Advisors is a one-stop shop for startups that provide a comprehensive service offerings to cater to varied needs of new-age ventures.

K-CELL Consulting
K-CELL Consulting is a strategic management & brand consulting company, providing advisory services related to New Business Planning, Brand & Marketing Strategy and Growth Planning.

INVESTEE COMPANIES (of Unisync Angels)

BLive is India’s first one-stop shop providing end-to-end EV solutions. It offers a choice of top EV brands for personal use as well as for business and also provides end-to-end services ranging from finance, insurance, road-side assistance, extended warranty and others. is an employee monitoring software which helps companies gain insights of employee performance and productivity.

Accio Robotics
Accio Robotics is on a mission to automate and accelerate warehousing with world-class products.

Seedtree Collaborative
Seedtree is a one-stop marketplace for interior solutions, connecting clients with the right professionals to get their dream home interior designs.