Startup Investors Meet

With an objective to engage potential investors who are exploring startup as an investment option, Syncoro Ventures Private Limited, in association with SURATi iLAB, The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SGCCI) and M Square, organised “Startup Investors Meet” on 7th July, 2018 in Surat.

“Startup Investors Meet” has two prominent speakers from Mumbai who shared their experiences related to startup world. The 1st speaker, Nayan Bheda – an angel investor, serial entrepreneur and founder of ISeB & Edvantez – talked about startup as a lucrative investment opportunity. The 2nd speaker of the event, Ashwin Srivastava – a global investor, Venture Capitalist and Forbes 30 under 30 Awardee (Asia 2017) – focused on how to evaluate a startup idea and also shared his experiences as an early stage Venture Capitalist about opportunities & risks associated with startup investment.

The seminar also covered interesting topics like Startup Valuation, Role of Angel Investors and other relevant subjects relate to startup investments. The talks by two speakers were followed by an engaging open forum where the audience actively participated in the discussions by asking relevant questions to address their queries and concerns regarding startup as an investment option. The event was attended by 140 startup investors & enthusiasts.